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Alain Bonnefoit, 1

  • 5 x 7

    Alain Bonnefoit’s trademark female nudes reflect both Western and Eastern art historical influences. A painter, engraver, and sculptor, Bonnefoit was mentored by the sculptor Antoniucci Volti, who studied under Auguste Rodin, a modern master of glorified human form. In the early 1970s, Bonnefoit traveled to Japan, where he learned about sumi-e—an ink technique rooted in linear unity that is now a fundamental element of his work. Bonnefoit’s nudes are also influenced by landscapes, specifically the rolling rural settings of Italy and France, between which he splits his time. “One should always avoid blocked, stunted, inhibited, breathless gestures,” Bonnefoit says. “As in martial arts, the quality of breathing is essential for achievement.”

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