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GALLERIA CA' D'ORO presents artworks at 111 West 57th street in collaboration with Interior Designer Rita Chraibi partner with LOUIS VUITTON.

The landmark building is a modern masterpiece of architecture composed of the immaculate restoration of the original Steinway Hall and a new tower by SHoP Architects with bespoke interiors by Studio Sofield.

For the first time in Louis Vuitton’s history, the renowned French fashion brand wanted to exhibit its Collection of furniture, “Objets Nomades” in a real estate project. 

Artists from Galleria Ca' d'Oro: Giorgio Tentolini, Ewa Bathelier, Michael Haggiag, Jorge Wellesley, Lorenzo Perrone, Melissa Herrington, Irene Mamiye, Rachel H. Ticks, Veronica Pasman, Rita Charibi.

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