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Carousel: A Collective Exhibition

Galleria Ca' d'Oro, September 7th– October 7th 2023. 179 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Carousel compares the art market and the art world as a Merry Go Round. In every round, you will find how to exist and coexist with your fellow artists, curators, dealers, and collectors. Not everyone stays on this ride; some hop off while others are here to stay for the long run, like the tight-knit group of artists selected for this collective exhibition. In this particular round, we are paying an ode to beauty, nature, poetic art, and the innate sensitivity each artist conveys in their work. Curated by Frances Sinkowitsch. Featured artists: Melissa Capasso, Maya Strauss, Salustiano, Victor Rodriguez, Anette Wehrhahn, Alison Causer, Deryn Cowdy, Pola Esther, Sally Egbert, Veronica Pasman, Carolyne Wayne, Alexa Torre, Lorenzo Perrone.

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