Represented Artists

Alain Bonnefoiti

Alain Bonnefoit’s trademark female nudes reflect both Western and Eastern art historical influences. A painter, engraver, and sculptor, Bonnefoit was mentored by the sculptor Antoniucci Volti, who studied under Auguste Rodin, a modern master of glorified human form.

Alfredo Rapetti

A Grammy-award-winning songwriter as well as a visual artist, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol views his evocative paintings as bringing together his lifelong passions: writing, images, and music. 

Cracking Art Group

Cracking Art Group, a collective of artists from Italy, France, and Belgium, creates public installations of massive sculptural animals made from brightly colored recyclable plastic. 

Erika Calesini

The daughter of a blacksmith and a former fashion designer, Erika Calesini transforms iron, rubber, and other recycled industrial materials into found-object sculptures. A recurring motif in her work is the bicycle, which she considers a timeless symbol of freedom and physical evidence that lightness and circularity can coexist.

Ewa Bathelier

Ewa Bathelier’s experience as a costume and set designer in the theater is clearly reflected in her signature acrylic paintings’ graceful, often chaotic movement. 

Micaela Lattanzio

Michaelangelo Bastiani

Nina Surel 

William Sweetlove

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