Hermès, 2020

Giorgio Tentolini

Mesh on wood

49.25 × 55 in


  • Italian artist Giorgio Tentolini’s mesh wire compositions play with the dichotomies of the tangible and intangible. Tentolini’s works incorporate images of facial features and body parts from classical sculptures that dissolve into a sequence of mesh wire and tulle as the viewer nears. Works like Amazzone vista4 (Pagan Poetry) (2020) emanate from his examination of time and recollection with an image meticulously recreated using light and layers of wire mesh, the image becoming a symbol of fantasy and place through closer observation. 

    The recipient of awards including the Premio Paolo Rigamonti, the Premio Nocivelli, and the Premio Paratissima Torino, Tentolini studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Parma and the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia. His work has been shown in the Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna and the Museo di Salò.