Game Over, 2021

Screws and Acrylic paint

11 4/5 × 11 4/5 in

30 × 30 cm

Edition of 100

Game Over

  • Alessandro Padovan is an Italian artist whose bright and pop inspired works have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in the United Kingdom and France. The painter and sculptor's three-dimensional pieces are created using screws. By varying the depth of the materials and painting them, Padovan produces an engaging sculptural and surrealistic effect. 

    He began his art by forming an artistic duo called Drill Monkeys Art Duo 2012. It is an adventure that saw him operate with an alternative technique: self-tapping screws and acrylic paint on panel. A path that fits into the need to give three-dimensionality to the work and to ironically cross over between sculpture and painting. 

    The originality of this work is obviously the technique and the three-dimensional effect that is obtained by screwing some very common screws in various depths which, by painting on them, transforms into a contemporary sculptural and pictorial work.