Biliardo con Gallo, 2021 

Billiards with Rooster, 2021 

Oil on canvas 

47 in x 43 in

120 x 108 cm

Biliardo con Gallo

  • Something anomalous happens in the spaces portrayed by Nicola Pucci – a diffuse energy runs through his theatrically cathartic rooms. The observer crosses the threshold of plausibility, stepping into a world where relational connections have been turned upside down. 

    Pucci’s pictorial approach to dynamic objects is inspired by the great Futurist artist, while the blown up proportions between spaces and objects evoke the Belgian Surrealist. Pucci combines the spatial continuity of the action with the frontal representation of a realist scenography, swinging between Futurist drive and Surrealist compression, between dynamism and visionary introspection.