Phil Luangrath and Favio Landeira 

Tin Toy Art is the latest collaborative work by Phil Luangrath and Favio Landeira. The childhood memories, the love of tin toys, their collectibility, and the nostalgia of a bygone era are the motivation behind this art. Favio has always had a passion for tin toys and exotic cars and he has been keen on collecting toys since he was six years old. His uncle used to bring home suitcases full of toys from each of his trips abroad.  A few years back, the artist came up with an idea of making something beautiful out of his vast collection of toys, and the result evokes a time capsule-like feeling, a window into a bygone era. The composition is not accidental, rather all pieces are meticulously placed to result in an explosion of abstract, yet contained chaos. The toys used are a combination of replicas, vintage, antiques, and reproductions. 

In Between, 2019
Memories #1, 2018
Astro Boy, 2018
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