Works by

David Datuna

David Datuna is a New York-based artist focused on the convergence of art and social consciousness. He explores the meaning and sources of complex cultural identity through conceptual iconography based on portraits, flags, and icons. 


Dico, born in Rome in 1964, received his artistic training at Rome's Institute of Art. His regenerative synthesis allows him to breathe new life and meaning into contemporary legends, both people and places. 

Phil Luangrath and Favio Landeira

Tin Toy Art is the latest collaborative works by Phil Luangrath and Favio Landeira. The childhood memories, the love of tin toys, their collectibility, and the nostalgia of a bygone era are the motivation behind this art. 

Carlo Sampietro

Carlo Sampietro is a mixed media artist working to heighten public awareness by visually demonstrating cultural issues.  His work examines the relationships between objects, their intended use, and their potential. 

Melissa Herrington

Living and practicing in Los Angeles, Herrington's organically textured marks are contemplative of the surfaces which they inhabit. These marks, composted of graphite and paint, invite the viewer into the fluidly transformative processes of doing and undoing which the artist experiences. 

Peter Demetz

Jason Young

Christino Tassinari

Javier Martin

Jeremy Penn

New York-based modern artist Jeremy Penn, was born in 1979 in New York City and studied Fine Art and holds degrees from both the University of Maryland and Pratt Institute. 

Long Bin Chen

M Clark

Marco Grassi

Paul Vinet

Vicky Steckel

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